September 01, 2013

After having completed the Avantasia world tour Tobias and Felix are about to get back to the rehearsal studio with Edguy to work on the band‘s 10th studio album. Asked about a possible release date Tobias says on behalf of the band: “We‘re done whenever we‘re done, but realistially we hope to release it in April or May. We‘ll see what material we have and then we‘ll go from there and take our time to come up with what‘s hopefully gonna be the greatest Heavy Metal record in the history of mankind.“

The band‘s previous album Age Of The Joker was released in August 2011 and reached the following chart positions:

Germany #3
Czech Republic #10
Sweden #10
Switzerland #13
UK (Rock-Charts) #14
Finland #15
Norway #26Austria #30
Spain #44
France #63
Japan #74
Italy #79