August 25, 2011
On August 26th Edguy will release their long awaited new album AGE OF THE JOKER! The limited-2-CD version with a hand signed joker-card (hand signed!) is almost sold out. It‘s exclusively available via Amazon!
August 25, 2011
The new album AGE OF THE JOKER is also available as a boxset, strictly limited to ONLY 750 (!!!) units worldwide. Make sure you get this ultra rare collector‘s item while supplies last because in a few years it will be a precious and pricy rarity. Every box contains a beautiful hardcover box in vinyl format, the gatefold 2-vinyl, a bonus picture vinyl, the new album 2-CD-version, two posters, a glossy photo-card set, and the whole box comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Click here to check out the beautiful boxset!

August 23, 2011
On August 26th EDGUY will release their new album AGE OF THE JOKER ("The Metal highlight of the year" - Rock Hard, France). On Saturday 27th, 11:00 PM and Sunday 28th 11:00 PM the German TV-channel iMusic1 will broadcast an Edguy special on the show "iMusic1 ROCKS" ( You can also watch the show 48 hours later at!
August 22, 2011
Interview with Tobias Sammet
On August 26th Edguy will release their new album AGE OF THE JOKER. As with every release from Edguy and Avantasia, the new album seemingly divides critics of the bands into two groups.  Friends of brave, anthemic and well produced Heavy Metal that's difficult to categorize are celebrating the album as the strongest Edguy release of the past ten years.  Of course on the other hand ever-complaining Edguy haters will remain unsatisfied with the new material on AGE OF THE JOKER.  The fact that the limited edition has been number one in the Heavy Metal sales charts on Amazon for weeks and the fact that the first run has now sold out completely proves that controversy doesn't do any harm to the ever-growing success of Edguy. In the following conversation with Tobias Sammet suggests every Edguy fan should check out the album themselves so they can form their very own opinion on the new album. Furthermore he says in a pretty honest way what he thinks about his critics...

Harmon Caldwell, Tobias, let's talk about song writing process for the new album AGE OF THE JOKER.  How do you manage to jump out of AVANTASIA, a project that is mostly conceptual from start to finish, and directly into writing new EDGUY songs?

Tobias: "After I had finished my last AVANTASIA studio venture, it was obvious to me that this was as good as it gets in my world of music. After such an undertaking you are burned out, because you feel you have said everything. But after a while there is always an instinctive urge to compose new material. Not because I wanna compete with my past, but simply to be creative and have a good time coming up with great melodies in my little magical world at home. I do not think of the past or a certain goal when composing, and as much as fans would want it, I do not think of them either. I just wanna have a great time creating music, be it with EDGUY or AVANTASIA. The creative process is similar for both projects, only with AVANTASIA I have to be aware that it fits to a whole concept and the different singers involved. Also, with Avantasia I do not have to care what four other people say, in Edguy there are discussions at times."

Click read more below to check more of the interview.
August 14, 2011
On August 26th Edguy will release their brand new album AGE OF THE JOKER ("The best Edguy album in a very long time!" - Musikreviews). The limited edition of the album will come in a Digipak featuring the regular 11-track-album plus a 2nd CD which contains bonus tracks. As a special gift you will also feature a Joker-card, hand signed by all of the Edguy members. To check out this truly limited edition click here!
August 06, 2011
EDGUY's new single ROBIN HOOD is out now! You can get the full 8:30 min album version as a download on Amazon for ONLY 0,98 €!  If you like the video feel free to download the song for less than 1,- € and show your respect for honest and handmade music!  Many thanks, click HERE!

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